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Is There Really a Forklift Shortage? How the Manufacturing Supply Chain Crisis Is Affecting Forklift Availability.

It’s been widely reported that the COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges to the supply chain. From toilet paper to computer chips, the delay of acquiring essential products and components has caused headaches for consumers and hindered productivity for many businesses. Few industries were immune to these issues, and although 2020 is in the rearview, there is no doubt that supply chain disruptions are still happening. Ongoing problems refuse to go away, creating complications for companies across the globe.


Warehouse Automation by the Numbers

Warehouse management continues to shift toward automation to drive efficiency and speed in order to meet rising consumer expectations. As you consider automating areas of your operation, keep in mind this important data. 


How to Use Section 179 Tax Deductions to Save Money on New and Used Equipment

As we approach the end of 2021, businesses continue adjusting their operations to address changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. For companies experiencing greater customer demand, some need additional equipment to process more orders through their warehouses, distribution centers, or other facilities. Section 179 of the US Tax Code enables businesses to save money by allowing companies to deduct the entire purchase price of qualifying new and used equipment from their taxable profits.


5 Tips for Buying Used Lift Equipment

Companies purchase used lift equipment for a number of reasons. Newer companies with limited cash on hand may prefer the lower up-front costs of used equipment. Companies with cyclical handling needs, or with unexpected spikes in production, also may find used equipment useful as a stopgap measure. And in other cases, the features of a brand-new piece of equipment may not be desired or required for the application at hand.


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